We understand that many students may not always want to go to university or want to get some experience before going into university and therefore we work with local schools and colleges to plan our apprenticeships for those that want to earn while continuing to gain qualifications and experience. “We have found that schools and colleges are equally as keen to help their students find the right career-start opportunity for them. These relationships with schools/colleges are invaluable both for Essity to be able to promote the apprenticeship opportunities, and for students to see the great local career opportunities that are available while working for a large international company.” Ruth Moxon, Talent Acquisition Country Manager UK.

We have successfully trained 100s of apprentices with many of them advancing within the company. There is a shortage of skilled engineers and we believe one of the best ways to close that gap is to invest in talented young people. Apprenticeships ensure we continue to recruit the right people with the right skills to fit across all areas of the business. 

As an Essity apprentice you can be a positive influence on the business and make an impact in your chosen industry! We are proud to see the success and development of the employees who began their career in our apprenticeship programs. Over the years we have tried to improve upon the incredibly important balance between study/work and leisure. Our apprenticeship program is designed to encourage smart working, provide valuable experience and mentorship with a healthy balance between work and play. But don’t just take our word for it, we spoke to some of our apprentices and they had this to say:

“I love to play sport, soccer most of all and we always train in the afternoon, but as I worked on the Essity apprenticeship from 7 to 3 my studies and work did not stop me from daily training. It was like going to class; a perfect combination. My experiences here have been a huge part of why I have decided to continue studying electrical engineering and Essity has gladly given me the opportunity to indulge my passion.” Aleix Esplugues, Valls (Spain).

We want our apprentices to feel both valued but also challenged. With a dedicated mentor, our apprentices have the facility to try new things, are encouraged to push themselves and find out its ok to not get everything right first time!  The whole program is designed to foster a safe environment where its ok to fail at something.

“I feel like the apprenticeship has contributed to my professional career. Firstly, I have acquired on the job experience and had the opportunity to develop on a personal level. I have been given responsibilities and the power to make decisions. For example, when it is time to make an unplanned ”stop” on the paper machine they make you take control of the situation but accompany you and give you confidence at the same time.” Albert Gabarra, Spain, Apprentice Operator in Papermaking.

We want our apprentices to have the best development both personal and professional and have fun while they do it. Every person’s career is as unique as the individual and that’s why we have different opportunities in countries all over the world with varied attributes, experiences, opportunities and responsibilities. If an apprenticeship with Essity sounds right to you why not check out our apprenticeships page for more information or check out our current apprenticeship opportunities here