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Who do you wash your hand for? Follow people’s life and hands throughout a day, in our main film showcasing the importance of hand washing as a recipe for health.

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Here’s why clean hands should be at the heart of your business

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The power to heal the world is (literally) in your own hands


New insight research study

New insight research study with results on hand hygiene behavior and attitudes from people in 6 countries (Germany, Sweden, UK, US, Mexico, France)


Power of Hands

Knowing that others wash their hands properly can make people feel better.


Street guesses

Hear people on the street guess how often other people wash their hands in certain situations


‘Hand to Hand’ – Fotografiska exhibition

September 27 2018, the “Hand to Hand” exhibition opened at Fotografiska (the Museum of Photography) in Stockholm. Pictures by the internationally award-winning photographers Paul Hansen and Åsa Sjöström. This will be the second time Essity and Fotografiska present a joint exhibition aimed at highlighting how hygiene and health affect people’s well-being. “Hand to Hand” will be on display until December 16, 2018.


Global Handwashing Partnership

We are supporting the Global Handwashing Partnership on their activation to promote hand hygiene globally under the theme: ‘Clean Hands – a recipe for health on Global Handwashing Day 2018’ Essity is partner and jointly with Tork we actively contribute with education, insights and innovations for better hand hygiene.

Essity and its brand Tork are advocates for hand hygiene in the critical moments as determined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Good hand hygiene has a big influence on health and well-being of our loved ones for everyone. We aim to inform people about the critical moments of handwashing and proper handwashing methods with water and soap, preventing over-use of disinfectants, sanitizers and handwashing when this is not needed.